1. What is LPG music?

We are a music news blog magazine. Website visitors can find interesting articles about the latest that is going on in the life of music artists here and abroad. Everything that you need to know about music is right here on LPG music. If you are a music fan, you are in the right website.

2. What articles can I read on the website?

Our visitors can read a lot of content on our site. If you want to know about the music industry in the Netherlands, you can browse our pages and be informed about the things that are happening under the limelight and behind the scenes. If love international artists and the Billboard Top 100, we have a number of articles just for you. Be up to date about the recently released albums, the songs that your favorite bands release, and the other stuff that your idol is doing right this very moment.

3. Do you write biographies of artists?

Yes, we do. We have published numerous articles about the lives of famous Dutch and international singers and bands. You can get a closer look at what is behind the microphone and the cameras. Know more about them and be completely immersed in the lives of your favorite artists. s

4. How often do you publish new content?

We always create new articles for our website followers. We buy website traffic to ensure that you get the latest news of top celebrities and artists. If you like to get notifications from us regarding newly published content, you should register to our site. Just go to Registration Page and send us your name and email address so that we can get in touch with you as soon as we can.

5. Where do you get resources for your website?

We have a team of dedicated reporters and writers who go directly to the scene to get insights and update of what is going on in the schedules of artists and singers. They interview them and get the information that every fan wants to know about.

6. Do you also send newsletters and emails to your followers?

Yes. You can opt into our website and receive emails and other messages from us. You will also receive different voucher codes and discounts on monthly magazine prices and party tickets.